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GKMX-41 Four Guitar Selector
" Four Guitars to One Synth "

GKMX-41 is a four-channel switching device for 13-pin GK equipped guitars as well as Standard guitars. The unit allow you to quickly grab a new guitar, hit the foot switch and take off with the next song. The unit is made for stage use and is sturdy and within a small footprint (170x120 mm).

GKMX-41 even allows you to send S1 and S2 commands using footswitches even if a regular (non-GK) guitar is selected.

You may also use the device as a regular guitar switcher and play directly through your guitar amplifier using the SEND jack (requires a 12VDC adapter).

GK1-GK4 GK input connectors for up to four GK-Ready guitars
J1-J4 Guitar buffered input jacks for connecting up to four standard guitars, or GK guitars with separate cable for the regular pickups, i.e. two-cable meothod.
GK OUT GK output connector for Roland GR-33, GR-55, VG-99, GR-D, GR-S or other compatible 13-pin synthesizer.
SEND Connect the SEND jack directly to your amp for better harmonics and lower noise  of the regular pickup sound, or connect to optional effect pedals before the regular guitar pickup signal is routed back to the synthesizer using the RECEIVE jack.
RECEIVE Connect to output of your optional effect pedals, or use the hexaphonic pickup for various guitar sound emulations in the synthesizer and then connect the Guitar out or Left or Right synth output to the RECIEVE jack for further COSM processing in the synthesizer (as if the emulated guitar signal was coming direct from you guitar).
Guitar selection  
SEL FOOTSWITCH Selects one of the input channels. This switch will cycle through the input channels when engaged.
2,4,3 3-way switch allowing you to select the maximum number of inputs for cycling. Select 2, 3 or 4 guitars.
S1/S2 Synth control  
S1,S2 FOOTSWITCH Sends S1 or S2 command to the unit selected by S1/S2 CTRL rotary switch.
12VDC The unit is powered by the synth or by an external 0.8-1.5 Ampere 12 VDC adapter (not included). If more than two 13-pin guitars are connected and you are unsure about the power consumptions we strongly recommend using an external adapter.

If a 12VDC adapter is connected you may also use the switcher as a 4 channel standard guitar switcher (no GK, no synth) and connect the SEND jack to your amplifier.



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