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GX-2 GK Guitar and Unit Switcher

First ever all GK/Hex/Poly Signal Programmable Switcher,
Hex Pre-Amp, MIDI CLOCK Controller and separate string Modulator,
Semi-Arp, Poly Slow Gear, Sustainer and Enveloper. All in one unit.
Download Reference Manual
Download GX-2 Assistant and Firmware V1.3 (Windows)


Seamless GK Guitar Switcher

GX-2 allows you to connect up to three instruments. Two GK and one regular. Switch instrument with just a stomp and keep focusing on the next song. The GX-2 will take care of normalizing the difference in guitar volume. Hex pickups as well as the regular guitar pickup

Option 1. Each individual guitar may have their separate string levels (and regular pickup) programmed into the unit to normalize their differencies in volume.

Option 2.Connect MIDI cable to your GK synth(s) to automatically switch between pre-programmed GK-Settings.

True GK Unit Selector

Connect up to two synth units (i.e. SY-1000, GR-55, GP-10 etc) with instant silent all-string mute. In contrary to other Unit Selectors the GX-2 mutes even if GK Volume knob is assigned to something else than volume.

Note: All other GK Unit selectors on the market only mute by setting the GK Volume signal to 0 Volts, this unit does it the proper way.

Expand your sound palette

Combine the built-in analog modulators effects, semi-arpeggiators, envelopers or sustainer with any existing sound of your GK-Units. Modulate volumes between the strings or between the GK Synth units. The unit hosts up to 99 effect patches.

GX-2F and GX-2B

The GX-2F (Piezo Guitar) and GX-2B (Piezo Bass) is the same product but includes an analog Subsonic Filter board for enhanced tracking with Piezo pickups for synthesizers like Roland GR-55/VG-99(B) and older. This filter has virtually no effect with GK-Pickups/GP-10/SY-1000 and Godin Guitars with latest RMC boards (newer than 2011/2012).

HEX Pre-Amp

Amplify individual weak string pickups to catch up with the rest or tame very "hot" pickups. Master gain settings as well as individual string settings. There's also gain settings for the regular pickup. All gain settings are individual programmed for each guitar input.

MIDI CLOCK Controller

The GX-2 will lock to incoming MIDI CLOCK and keep the internal engine as well as your output devices syncronized to the beat.
If used without incoming MIDI CLOCK yo may use the TAP TEMPO button to set the speed of the internal engine as well as units connected to the two MIDI OUT connectors.

Source of Ultra Low Noise GK Power

The GX-2 incorporates two very low noise (4 and 16 uVRMS) DC linear LDO voltage regulators from Texas Instruments, supplying your polyphonic guitars with ultralow-noise voltage without ANY current drawn from the connected Synth Units. GX-2 power up your guitars regardless if a GK synth is connected or not.
It however require a low-noise 9VDC Power Supply (not supplied) rated >=0.5A. We recomend NUX ACD-006A or a BOSS PSA adapter.

99 Patches


Each patch may also contain individual patch-specific assigns for GK Volume, GK S1/S2, CTRL1, CTRL2 inputs and MIDI controls.

GX-2 Release notes
V1.3 2021-11-28
Bug: ENV1 and ENV2 Volume ranges changed to 0-3660
Bug: ENV2 mute detect, both parameters were labelled ENV1
Bug: MOD Touch Time 4.75s was labelled as 5.75s
Bug: Guitars mode 2GK (1+3) and 2GK (2+3) were physically flipped.
Imp: Improved realtime messages with CTRL and ASSIGN blocks for Gear Grinder software.
Works With

Works with any 13-pin device on the market. You may put additional GK pedals before or after the GX-2.

Videos and Images

GX-2 Assistant
This PC software allows you to Backup and Restore the GX-2 Settings and update the GX-2 firmware (i.e. the GX-2 system program).



GX-20 firmware can only be updated using the GX-2 Assistant Windows PC software. This software also allows you to Backup/Restore all settings. Backup is recommended before updating firmware.
You will also need a USB cable.

GX-2 Assistant (incl. latest GX-2 firmware)
Main Manuals

Here you will find all of the manuals needed for the GX-2

Download GX-2 Reference Manual